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What is a breaker, how does a breaker work, why should I use a breaker. These questions and more answered here... BD Breakers is a website designed to help the public understand what a breaker is, what it does, and how it works. BD Batteries has found that teaching you to do for yourself is far more powerful that doing it for you. This site is one more step towards helping you, the customer, to understand the electrical circuits around you. The breaker is a very common electrical component you will probably come in contact with. However, most folks don't know what one is, how it works etc. So this website is designed to address the following AC breaker, and DC breaker discussions:

  • What is a Breaker?
  • How does a Breaker work?
  • What on earth would I use a fuse for?
  • What kinds of breakers are there?
  • How do I size a breaker for my system?
  • Where does a breaker fail?
  • Where is the optimal place in a circuit for a breaker?
  • How do I install a breaker?

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